My name is Andrew Wilson and I’ve been working in the creative industries since 1995.

I started out aged 19, my first job working as an Assistant Producer in the TV Department of Ogilvy and Mather, Mazengarb advertising agency. Film was still used to shoot corporate productions, we had the intranet (but no internet), mobiles were as big as a house brick and digital editing suites had only just arrived.

I worked at O,M&M for 5 years, rising from Assistant to Head of Production in that time. We had clients such as Cascade and Boags Draught, Aurora, Hydro, Purity and Rolef Voss Supermarkets. Eventually I wanted to to see and do more, so I left the agency and went travelling for a year. Returning to Hobart the agency landscape had changed a lot and I started freelance producing for all of the local agencies, plus ‘fixing’ for interstate and international production companies.

Eventually I set up shop with long time colleague Jane Binning in the form of Zoot Film Tasmania.

Through Zoot I worked on a diverse range of productions, high end TVC’s, Feature Films, International Docos, local music video clips and short films. They we great times.

Eventually Jane and I wished for different things, so we parted ways whilst remaining great friends and I set up Everything Everything, and that’s when things really got interesting.

Everything Everything has allowed me to work in many areas of the creative sector and I feel very fortunate to have such great clients, business partners and opportunities. From Old Sea Dogs, to Parliament Co-working, photography, film and design I feel lucky to have a great little enterprise that continues to grow, change and expand in many different ways – and allows me to make a livelihood here in Tasmania, the place I love.


Photography and film production are my main craft skills, however I create brands and websites for many clients as well. I’m a one man team with a lot of contacts which means that I can work within all types of budget and creative requirements.

Please give me a call or send through an email if you have a job you’d like to discuss, or feel free to pop by Parliament Co-working, I’m there most days.

Phone: 0418 568 086

Email: hello@everythingeverything.com.au